How am I earning from Airfio ICO?

Airfio is the decentralized crypto banking platform enabling the users to experience the new platform of Artificial Intelligence linking with blockchain technology. However, this not only drives the banking to a different level but also completely changes the traditional practice’s methods.

Airfio ICO

Airfio ICO has successfully started from 5th of December and will run until 3rd of January. Airfio reports that Investors from all over the world are participating and investing in this crowdsale.

Well, no barrier can stop Airfio as it is moving with high velocity. After the successful completion of Pre-ICO sale, the demand for the ARF tokens has increased. However, 1 million of tokens were sold out to all the interested participants.

Airfio ICO Earning Programs

Airfio presents the easiest way for the users to earn free ARF tokens. Once you registered below link then you are able to earn free tokens.

Listed below are the different earning programs for the user.

Invitee Income

Bounty Campaigns

Airfio’s Referral Program

Lending Program

Staking Program

Know more:

Join Steemit Bounty Program:

Join Airfio:


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Originally published at on December 7, 2017.

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