2017 Rally 12 months Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

2.017 January & February

Bitcoin was around 1,100 dollars.

Ethereum starts the 2017 rally

Its value increased 50% from 10 to 15 $.

The Cryptocurrency Market Total was only 18 trillion dollars and the main Bitcoin weight with 86%, followed by Ethereum with 6%.

2017 March & April

Total Market Cryptocurrency multiplies x 2 and reaches 36 trillion dollars

initial value multiplies x “ 11 “ Dash from start 2017 to April 30

Relevant facts

1.- Japan looks with good eyes Bitcoin and the Cryptomonedas despite warn of the danger of fraud in some ICO and new CrowdSale

2.- The largest exchange Coinbase already sells Ethereum and Litecoin, in addition to Bitcoin.

2017 May & June

Total Market Cryptocurrency reaches 100 billion and multiplies X 5 since the beginning of the year

initial value multiplies x “ 100 “ Ripple from start 2017 to June 30

Relevant facts:

1.- The most anticipated ICOs begin in just 2 months more than 40 projects raise more than 700 million dollars, the most successful Bancor with more than 150 million dollars, Status 100 million dollars, Ten X 86 million dollars, Aragon 25 million in less 15 minutes.

2.- On May 12, the “wannacry” attack awakens interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, given the social alarm caused by most media.

2017 July & August

Total Market Cryptocurrency reaches 171 billion and multiplies almost X 10 since the beginning of the year

Relevant facts:

1.- The hard Fork is made in the Bitcoin blockchain and the new Bitcoin Cash appears.

2.- Follow the ICO avalanche raising another 700 million dollars. Only the ICO of Tezos collected 232 million.

2017 September & October

Total Market Cryptocurrency reaches 182 billion and multiplies X 10 from the beginning of the year.

Weight Cryptocurrencies
initial value multiplies x “ 30 “ Ethereum from start 2017 to October 30

Relevant facts:

  1. Legal problem Tezos
  2. ICO prohibition in China
  3. CEO JP Morgan says Bitcoin is a scam
  4. New cryptomonedas appear that forcefully pull Neo, Nem, Iota, Monero

2017 November

Total Market Cryptocurrency reaches 300 billion and multiplies almost X 16 from the beginning of the year.

Only the month of November increases 120 billion dollars

Relevant facts:

1.- Whales come in.
2.- They prepare future Bitcoin that starts on December 8.
3.- Fiat Rally to Crypto before the end of 2017

until December 13, 2017

Total Market Cryptocurrency reaches 500 billion and multiplies almost X 26 from the beginning of the year.

Relevant facts:

1.- The future Bitcoin starts on the Chicago stock exchange.

2.- Whales come in at a rate of 15 billion dollars a day, in just 13 days the total capitalization of all cryptomoney increases by 200 billion.

3.- Before the end of the year you must enter money from the old tax havens (Switzerland, Andorra, etc.)


1.- In spite of the attack to the Cryptomonedas during the month of September mainly it seems that the cryptocurrency market is here to stay. (New decentralized currencies without regulators)

2.- The Top 10 currencies that have been least revalued in 2.017 have been Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and IOTA.

3.- It seems that the Initial Coin Offer are here to stay and are the substitutes of the old Public Offer Selling shares. (new decentralized actions without regulators)

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