YORD cryptocurrency

Yord is a video platform where all operations are executed in our tokens — YORDs. In this article we talk about how does the token live inside and outside the platform

The internal currency of the platform

Yord is the video platform where all transactions are executed in YORDs. Users use our cryptocurrency to watch videos, donate to content creators, invest in future films, series or shows and send it to friends or invite new people and get tokens as a reward.

So, to do anything on our video platform you must have YORD tokens. This is the reason why the growth of Yord users (even those who do not know what the crypto is) will lead directly to a higher price of each token.

How do we distribute the revenue

Our monetizing model means that all the revenue company gets it gets in YORD cryptocurrency. So, we have created several funds where the revenue will be distributed.

Salary Fund. Yord team should always consist of people who believe in YORD to become the worldwide currency. So, the team will get their salary and bonuses in tokens from a Yord Salary Fund that will be always replenished to the concrete percentage.

Movie Fund. Yord is the video company and one of our missions is to remove the junk content and create big opportunities for directors and bloggers all over the world. Yord Movie Fund will support those directors who create not enough profitable but very important and useful content.

Charity Fund. We create Yord to make the world a better place. In our opinion, every successful person and company should think about the others who live in poverty and diseases. Yord Charity Fund will be focused on problems around the world that our users and token holders will vote for.

How do we sell YORDs to the market

To make a company live we have to sell some YORDs we earn on the market. The fiat currency resources are needed to pay for advertising, office rental and other staff. The question is how to sell tokens not to hurt the market.

So, we found a decision. We will have a special website where a small amount of tokens will be put. And everyone can come and send us any sum of money. At the end of the day all tokens should be distributed to investors according to the shares they have in the end of this day.

The whole ecosystem

YORD cryptocurrency is not just a token that was emitted to raise money on ICO. We build a strong and holistic ecosystem where a token holder can watch no ads videos, donate YORDs to charity and content creators, use our currency to trade and invest in videos in order to get profit.

Moreover, we, as a company, have the financial model powered by tokens. Content creators get profit in YORDs, Film directors raise money in YORDs, our platform gets revenue also in YORDs. Such ecosystem means we’re strongly motivated to make our token value grow all the time.

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