Nebulas: A Galaxy of Possibility

I was introduced to this space recently, after my girlfriend turned me onto Ethereum. Some of her coworkers, working in tech/soft. engineering, had told her to look into it and how it can revolutionize the crypto scene. Over a few text messages, she told me to look into it but couldn’t explain it herself. At that point I had no idea what anything meant. I did not know what a blockchain was, what bitcoin did, what ethereum planned to do. Yet, I was excited. I didn’t know exactly why, but something inside me started to wake up.

Like many, I quickly linked an account to Coinbase, bought some btc and eth; and kept refreshing maniacally. This continued for a few weeks, and I watched my investment increase in its worth.

I soon realized I still didn’t know what I was doing, what anything meant, and decided to bunker down and do some research. I did what many still havent done: I read the original bitcoin whitepaper. I followed up with Ethereum’s whitepaper, and learned more about the significance of smart contracts. I learned as much as I could about what forks were, why they happened, biggest pitfalls facing blockchains at the time. I decided to only invest in infrastructure blockchain technology that could improve upon what Bitcoin and Ethereum had started.

This is why when I read (the non-technical) whitepaper for Nebulas, I became excited as the first day I heard about crypto. I firmly believe that blockchain technology has the power to change the way everything interacts, not just humans; similar to how the internet changed the world. I believe Nebulas is one of the most solid projects out there. Their vision for a self evolving blockchain is exactly what I believe this space needs. Many tout it as a Google of blockchains, but one glance at the whitepaper and you will see it is much more than that.

I love the team’s transparency, dedication to making sure mainnet gets done, and again, their vision.

Of course this is not financial advice of any sort. But if you are excited about this space, I believe Nebulas is one of those projects that you should do as much research on as you can and realize that it can be a game changer, not for your pocket, but for the world.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Twitter: @nebulasio



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