ADHIVE-First online advertising method with AI and Blockchain


AdHive is the first online advertising method with AI and block chain solutions. This advertisement technology handles the interaction with the clients which can save more energy and time for the advertisers.

AdHive can be revolutionary way for the advertiser where we can advertise the video in unlimited channels without effort and can save the expenses which will spend on TV channels.

The main mission of the is to bring the advertisement agents from TV channels to the blogger society who has more audience than the TV. We are working here to create an easier way to introduce international ad campaigns for their products and brands. This process will also include the advertisement of block chain technologies.


Millions of video bloggers are there in the world through various websites. But the brands are very small part when compared with the videos which work on celebrities or other.

There are several millions of US dollars allocated for TV commercial advertisements but less the 1% of this amount only allocated for branding through bloggers. Our team going to introduce a platform which works as a network for the bloggers. And gives advertisement with clear rules and quality. has the very crucial idea that to bring the revolutionary advertisement via bloggers also with the AI and blockchain technology which in unachievable in TV. There is no time wasting in the communication between advertisers and bloggers.

The will do the selection of blogger and the requirement for the client. This process is done by the platform which is programmed in such a way.

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