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Peach Aviation set to be Japan’s first airline to accept Bitcoin payment

Peach aviation is on course to be Japan’s first airline to accept Bitcoin payment. This is despite widespread fears of the Japanese government cracking down on cryptocurrencies after the Coincheck hack.They announced that they intend to stick to their original plan of accepting Bitcoin payments by the end of the fiscal year in March 2018.

This move is meant to encourage visitors from other parts of Asia to visit Japan. In a statement published on Bloomberg, Shinichi Inoue, the chief executive officer of peach said:

“We want to encourage visitors from overseas and the revitalization of Japan’s regions … This is a real first step in partnerships with Japan and we are aiming for more company and service tie-ups.”

Peach also aims to create cryptocurrency tie-ins with regional corporations and governments to promote the usage of the new digital currencies.

Peach joins Airbaltic of Lativa in this space. The airline carrier announced three years ago it would accept Bitcoin as a way of offering improved customer services. Also, Universal Air Travel Plan, two years ago announced they had partnered with Bitnet in a move that would allow customers to purchase air tickets from more than 260 airlines.

The airline follows the path of more than 10, 000 other corporations in Japan that are either using or have plans to implement the use of cryptocurrency to pay for products and services.

Peach initially planned to start accepting Bitcoin

for tickets and adding tie-ins pay points in restaurants, souvenir shops, and accommodations as well as installing ATMs, (BTMs) in collaboration with Bitpoint Japan by Autumn of 2017. However, due to fluctuating markets late last year they set a new date of March 2018.

On this, the spokeswoman of peach said, “We are reviewing the timing of service start.” The good news is that both Peach Aviation and Bitpoint Japan are fully committed to implementing their initial plans throughout 2018 and this will ensure the airline is Japan’s first airline to accept Bitcoin payment

This move shows faith in cryptocurrencies. This is even though two of the largest coin hacks that have resulted in almost a billion dollars in losses have occurred in Japan.

Tell us if you think this move by Peach Airline is going to encourage other airlines and corporations to adopt similar systems and push for cryptocurrency adoption?


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