The number of people around the world today without their personal housing is over 1.6 billion. UN New Center stated on October 2, 2017 stated that access to adequate housing is the universal right of everyone. A large number of people still are deprived of adequate housing even though the number of vacant houses and apartments continues to grow steadily. Rising prices for housing and strict loan conditions are one of the major reasons for buying delay and choosing the rented housing.

We all dream of owning a property abroad but our personal savings is rarely ever enough to buy our dream houses in foreign countries. In such occasions, you can take a mortgage in a foreign bank, but also you should bear in mind that different countries have completely different conditions for getting loans and also being a foreigner that you are your opportunity to obtain a mortgage loan is quite slim.

Banks find lending loans to foreign residents highly risky, and this is what influences the higher interest rates given to nonresidents compared to the moderate interest rate given to citizens of the country. Coupled with the above problem you also need a very impressive and strong package of documents as foreigner in order to secure such mortgage. The requirements for basic package documents are different for each country but they often consist of;

· Passport

· A questionnaire for the acquired property

· A certificate of income declaration form

· Documents for the acquired property

Different Countries and Percentage of Home Owners

In the Eurozone an average 60.1% are homeowners. In 2010 the percentage of homeowners in France was only 55.3% with Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands having 47.7%, 42.2%, 39% and 60% respectively.

For the second quarter of 2014 only 64.7% of Americans have a personal home with more than a third of the country’s population (35.3%) living as tenants. The UK is having 69% of home owners.

Some countries with high percentage of house owner are; Romania which has 97%, Bulgaria 97%, Slovakia 95%, Russia 80%, with Latvia, Slovenia and Poland having 90% each.

In the USA about 66% own houses, the rest of the population still lives in rented housing or are bought their houses on credit by getting mortgages from bank. This loan costs about 7– 8% the house actual cost and this is taken for a 30 year period. This shows that a person is paying two or two and a half more for each dollar taken during loan repayment. A lot more factors affects the individual as the “tenant of money” called the owner of housing unlike the normal tenant of housing is fully responsible for the condition (like broken roof and toilet) of the house. Another factor is that loan payments are distributed in a very special way. Where the “tenant of money” is asked to pay the bank exclusive accrued interests in the first five years.

Countries with Easy Mortgage Loan Systems

· Spain: Fixed rate: 4 –5,5%, Floating Rate: 2%, Loan interest: up to 80%, Loan term: up to 30 years.

· Germany: Fixed rate: 3-4%, Loan interest: up to 50%, Loan term: up to 30 years.

· France: Fixed rate: 2.5–4%, Loan interest: up to 60%, Loan term: up to 15 years.

· Turkey: Fixed rate: 6–8%, Loan interest: up to 60%, Loan term: up to 15 years.

· Cyprus: Fixed rate: 5–8%, Loan interest: up to 60%, Loan term: up to 10–40 years.

· USA: Fixed rate: 4%, Loan interest: up to 75%, Loan term: up to 30 years.

· Bulgaria: Fixed rate: 11%, Loan interest: up to 70%, Loan term: up to 25 years.

· Czech Republic: Fixed rate: 5%, Loan interest: up to 60%, Loan term: up to 35 years

· Switzerland: Fixed rate: 4.5%, Loan interest: up to 50%, Loan term: up to 10 years.

· Australia: Fixed rate: 3.5%, Loan interest: up to 60%, Loan term: up to 25 years.

· United Kingdom: Fixed rate: 2–4,5%, Loan interest: up to 70%, Loan term: from 5 years.

Countries Where Mortgage Load is Impossible to Obtain

· Thailand — They give loan local residents only. So to grant a foreigner the ability to obtain a mortgage, a borrower must acquire a residence permit or even a citizenship of the country in advance.

· Netherlands — One of the requirements for load approval in the Netherlands is the need to generate income in the EU countries.

· Norway — Same EU income condition.

· Italy — A more complicated system for mortgage exist in Italy. A borrower has to open an account with one of the local banks in advance and make sure is active. Also the borrower already should have a real estate in the Eurozone.

· Japan — For a foreigner to be granted the access to mortgage loans in Japan, he needs a permanent residence or even citizenship of the country. However there are a few banks that specialize in issuing loans to foreigners.


For over a decade Home loans (experienced team) has been working in the real estate field, particularly in the real estate loan area for over 4 years (licensed for microfinance activity from the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation from 2013) and also in IT development for over 5 years ( united for the common mission with the goal to make a revolution in the concept of mortgage lending.

We intend to create an international loan platform with the highest quality services by using open-source resources on the basis of block chain technology. This loans which are be based on Smart Contract already have a transparent and reliable history.

This platform will have a borrower evaluation program that will include a system of electronic identification of a person based on a blockchain and large amounts of data collected from smartphones of the interested borrowers through the mobile application HOME LOANS.

So you don’t need to request for the services of a specialized third party companies, this platform will have distributed registers to help create the possibility of making sales transactions with additional placement of information about transactions on it.

Already a few pilot projects in the field of creating real estate registries based on blockchain technology have been established in countries like Sweden, Georgia, Ukraine, Ghana and in some parts of Japan and the USA (Chicago, Delaware) with other numerous jurisdictions still testing registries of legal acts with use of blockchain.

Participants who invest in the Homeloan’s project are entitled to;

· The possibility to invest in loans secured by real estate.

· The right to participate in speedy transactions. The property cheaper than market value.

· A token provided with real assets — real estate which is less subject to volatility.

· The right to purchase and use the assets of HOME LOANS (real estate not redeem yet).

· The right to collective lending of large / expensive real estate.

Using mobile application HOME LOANS borrower gets the ability to earn HLCoin for loan repayment. The app unites counterparties in one production and boost users motivation to buy goods and services from partner companies through Cashback and a system of incentives from partner companies in the form of HLCoin currency by which loans are repaid by a borrower.

Type of Our Project’s House Loans

Our international lending platform for real estate HOME LOANS will provide loans for the listed categories below:

1. Loans for housing under construction.

2. Loans for secondary housing.

3. Loans for commercial real estate.

4. Loans for land purchase. 5. Loans for own property.

Also age of the borrower is above18 and up to 65 years (at the end of the loan).

Early repayment from the first month will be without commissions.

Annuity payments.

Applying For Home Loans

Step 1 — A borrower is required to leave an application for a loan (loan type, amount required, property for which the loan taken, country and city) using the mobile application HOME LOANS.

Step 2 — The scoring program checks the borrower and the employees of HOME LOANS (in franchisee countries) object real estate on the legal purity. In countries where the registering authority on the block chain is a distributed register.

Step 3 — This information is exposed in an open form to the platform for investors and in particular the type of loan, amount, collection period, real estate object (after verification), the scoring result of the borrower (without borrower’s personal data).

Step 4 — Collection of HLCoin in temporary storage (from 1 to 3 days). In fact, HOME LOANS buys from investors HLCoin at the exchange rate for the loan.

After carrying out this four (4) steps, and collecting the required amount of HLCoin (at the exchange rate, in case of volatile of shortage of tokens — compensation and difference by a smart contract is taken from the Guarantee Fund)

A registration process will be open for two types of states (states where crypto currency is legalized and the states where it is not legalized).

Consequences of non-payment of a loan:

A decrease in the borrower’s rating, which entails a refusal to re-apply (depending on the reason);

– The real estate will be confiscated.

Investors Losses Reimbursed

The Guarantee Fund reimburses the residual amount of HLCoin to investors issued to the borrower (the property remains on the balance of HOME LOANS) in the event of a situation with the non-repayment of the loan or the occurrence of insured events.

The Composition of Home Loans Primary Tokens Offer

1. The first stage of the project is the Pre-ICO HLCoin Token which will start on November 29

and end on December 29, during this period the price is going to be the following:

1 HLCoin = 0.5 $ +50% bonus

The collected money on the Pre-ICO will go to the ICO advertising campaign and creation of a prototype platform and mobile application HOME LOANS.

2. The second stage of the crowdsale project. Investors can purchase HLCoin Token at a fixed rate during crowdsale using the US dollar (USD), Bitcoin, Ethereum. 1 HLCoin = 1 $ + bonuses

3. During crowdsale HLCoin a limited number of 150,000,000 tokens will compiled and be sold at a fixed price. 30 days is total time interval of crowdsale. The primary offer of HOME LOANS tokens and the corresponding process of creating tokens will be based on the use of “smart contracts” launched on the basis of Ethereum.

Name of the tokens: HLC

The total volume of issued tokens: 150,000,000 HLC.

Total amount during the initial sale: 120,000,000 HLC.

Guarantee fund: 30, 000, 000 HLC

Tokens that are not sold during the initial offer will be destroyed.

The Objectives of HOME LOANS Project

Minimum of 500, 000 and maximum of 50 million US dollars.

Original price: the price of the token is fixed at the level of

1 US dollar — 1 HLC token.


A total of 150,000,000 HLCoin will be supplied.

Distribution — 80%

Guarantee Fund — 20%

HOME LOANS Token Distribution:

A total of 120,000,000 HLCoin will be distributed.

Founders — 8%

Advisers — 4%

Bounty — 3%

Investors — 85%

Available Bonuses

A few bonuses would be offered to first investors during the initial offering of the tokens (additional tokens added to the purchase):

PRE-ICO — bonus + 50%

1–3 days — bonus + 25%

3–9 days — bonus + 20%

9–18 days — bonus + 10%

18–31 days — bonus + 5%


2005–1 > Start of work real estate agent

2011–2 > Opening his own real estate Agency

2013–3 > Opening his own real estate Agency

2013–4 > Loans secured by real estate 2013

2013–5 > Scaling organizations

2017 August — 6 > Сoncept Decentralization

2017 September — 7 > Preparation for PRE-ICO

2017 October — 8 > Project publication/marketing

2017 November — 9 > PRE-ICO

2017 December — 10 > Development of a platform on the blockchain

2018 January — 11 > ICO

2018 February — 12 > Stock exchange listings

2018 March — 2020- 13 > First customers first lending ZOOMING AROUND THE WORLDOUR


VALENTINA KATZ — CEO & Founder, Founder of Real Estate Agency “Gallery”

VYACHESLAV STREKALEV — CIO, Developer of innovative devices.

ALEXANDER ERMAKOV — CIO, Engineer — programmer

ALEXANDER SAKHAROVSKY — CIO, software developer security.

SERGEY OTCHESOV — CMO, Mortgage broker experience 3 years

OLEG MILTER — CMO, Director of marketing/commercial Director

LUBA KATZ — CFO, Financial Director

IRINA MANDRIK — CEO & Co-Founder, specialist of the financial market for Depository activities

For more information about our unique project and to connect with other participants across the globe, please visit any of the links below. Thank you for your time.







AUTHORED BY: teejayrichard


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