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Do you realize that we live in the globalization of era which is insist of our skill to survive with the rival in many things such as work, school, and business and so no. so to follow the competition we have to know what skill that we have to improve? What kinds of major that we want to know deeply and many things other.

Talking about the skill, it is the personal ability. One person has different skill with the others and no one can force you to become something that you do not want to be. But everything in our lives is capable to learn.

Impossible is nothing, and nothing in our lives come from free. Even you do what you like but without any hard work you will become nothing. Except you are the luckiest people in the world.

Related to the global era, we cannot deny the role of the technology. most activity of human use the technology. Start from the beginning after wake up from the bed, they use watch to show the time, use a shower for take a bath, then prepare the food with microwave, and many activities in the morning using the technology.

DAV As the Support System In Mobile Activity

In this era you have to move faster, need some fast connection to make fast communication with other people. so we need to move our style also in lifestyle, habits, and many things in our life. For example, when we need to move somewhere as fast as possible then we need cars to go or deliver something. We need a connections, we need vehicle and DAV is the autonomous vehicle which provide billions connections to meets your needs.

You can find out all you need for vehicle just from your computer. Also you can make decentralization for yourself. This is the great innovation that very applicable and has many advantages for better future in life.

The important thing that you have to know is, this DAV only accepts the payment with the bitcoin. So, you have to make the account first in crypto currency and after that joint with the DAV to invest your bitcoin.

Not only the money that you can get from DAV, will you also invest to save our world from damage environmental because bitcoin built with some expert from various fields who care about environment and so on.


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