Interview with Our Executive Members

We are pleased to bring you an interview with the creators of our homegrowers Ilya Tsigvintsev and Alexander Basov. They will be discussing all the hot topics around the ATF project.

About AgroTechFarm

AgroTechFarm developed an appliance for the automatic cultivation of crops in-doors, more specifically your kitchen. The appliance combines the hydroponics and a proprietary software to provide a zero effort, zero chemicals and environmentally friendly way to grow any crop.

Currently, the company has two models — Cannabis and Strawberry. Model Cannabis is the larger appliance and is suitable for crops up to 140cm in height. The smaller one Strawberry is best equipped for growing things like salads, berries and herbs. It can contain up to three different kinds of crops.

Why an ICO

We do not want a third party to join us because they could affect our work in a negative way. — CEO Ilya Tsigvintsev

Most importantly the two explain why they chose to fund mass production with an ICO. Many companies today, like Apple only design their products and outsource the manufacturing. Ilya and Alexandr, however, do not want to involve a third party in the process as they fear it will impact negatively the quality.

A reminder their Presale campaign starts on February 16th, 2018 and offers a 50% discount!

Product Review

For those interested in the tech specifications and capabilities of the homegrower you will get to learn about them straight from the head of technology — Alexey Kovnerchuk. He is the man who designed the brain of the grower that monitors the microclimate and the nutrient solution.

He explains how the hydroponics, custom wavelength LED lights and software work together to decrease growing time by 30%.

Some of the other things discussed are…

Ilya Tsigvintsev’s also shares his personal story about fighting disease caused by the toxic chemicals used in modern farming. He explains how his struggle to find clean vegetables and fruits on the Russian farmer’s markets forced him to think of a solution.

Alexandr Basov, the co-creator of our homegrower elaborates on the business part. He explained the benefits the ATF token offers and discussed the future plants to go public.

Patent protection and dealing with competitors are also covered.

Wrapping it all up..

With less than two days left until our Presale starts we more excited than ever. We understand that our product touches upon the sensitive topic of cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes.

Yet, we are determined that our product can empower consumers and give them full control on what enters their bodies. Apart from the personal benefits we hope to deliver with our growers, we also want to alleviate some of the problems associated with modern farming.

We got your interest? Join our Telegram group! It already on fire with more than 7k members!

Make sure to visit our official website and whitepaper for more information.

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