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If you are here, it means we have completed our first objective, getting your attention. KahnChat team has witten this post for simple and straight.
introduction to our KahnChat social networking and mobile payment app . Answering the very basic questions like what we meant to do, what are plans, what value we add to community. We believe this information will open the doors to new engagements between you and us.

KhanChat: Defined in simple words

KhanChat social networking and mobile payment app target the problems of make transfers and even pay for your purchases, and not just with Fiat currency but also with cryptocurrency, which lacks the mature and reliable mobile payment. A platform for global purchase, secure wallet supporting the fiat currency of multiple countries from around the world.

Why KahnChat ?

There is a separate digital wallet where users can manage their KCH tokens and use them for trading on stock exchanges and to buy things online/offline.

KhanChat Platform Features

Kahn Technology Ltd already has multiple steps in place for the KhanChat app development. These steps will sequentially be followed increasing the app’s features and functions with each step. Upon the first launch, the project will offer a Blockchain-backed digital wallet to allow the purchase of cryptocurrencies, make payments for orders and transfer funds between users.While already present, at this stage, social media features like messaging, voice/video chat and file sharing will still use standard (non-blockchain) technology. The following (second) stage will upgrade social media features to fully utilise Blockchain technology along with a completion of the required underlying infrastructure.

What is KCH Token?

KCH is a virtual currency (cryptocurrency) associated with a mobile payment system that also integrates a social media platform.

Mobile app: The KahnChat app is a complete mobile-based payment system integrated with a social media platform where users can send messages via text, video, audio, images and more, and perform online transactions such as fund transfer, bill payment, online shopping, etc.

KCH Token: It is virtual currency that can be purchased and exchanged through KahnChat wallet and can be used for performing online purchases and transactions at supported merchants, same as the bitcoin.

How KahnChat will make it happen

Mobile payment is one of the income streams for the KahnChat app. According to ‘The UK Cards Association’, £643.6 Billion was spent on cards in 2016 in the United Kingdom alone.

The KahnChat’s mobile payment target is 1% of the market share after the launch of the mobile payment app. This accumulates to over £6.4 billion worth of transactions each year.

The KahnChat mobile payment transaction charge to a merchant is only 0.6% per transaction, giving the company a potential income of £38.6m from the mobile payment feature alone.

The forecast above does not include the other 27 EU member states and other countries across the globe. Consequently, the app has tremendous growth potential.

Public Sale

The sales (Pre-ICO and ICO) will be held on this website only. Anyone who is interested in buying the token needs to register an account and get their KYC done to be able to participate in the sale.

We are offering a 25 bonus (10% on sign up and 15% on KYC validation) for a limited time period.

The registration process has already started on Only registered users will be able to participate in the Sale events scheduled in February 2018.

We hope this has served as a clear introduction to KahnChat! We also encourage you to check our whitepaper for more details about KahnChat and detailed features. If you have any further questions or just want to get in touch with us, send query from our website.

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