We offer a mobile virtual network operator project with payments in cryptocurrency. Our proposal is a unique product. It aggregates the MVNO, the telecoms outsourcing market and financial services into a cryptocurrency ecosystem. Problems The limited supply of the direct purchase of goods and services, especially routinely used services of mass demand, for cryptocurrencies. The subscribers missing opportunities to create flexible price plans adjusted to their needs. The operators do not let customers use their funds on the subscriber accounts as their own wallet to pay for goods and services. Failing to integrate financial activity into their work, the operators miss opportunities to earn extra profit. This prevents an average subscriber from using their money resources kept on their subscriber account as a tool for additional opportunities (payment for goods and services, money transfers, a deposit, a credit, an overdraft, an installment plan). Operators do not use the opportunities for mutually beneficial partner cooperation with different business networks (retail, insurance, tourist, logistics, hotel). Operators are generally confined to their geographic location when they provide their services. Lack of possibilities to pay for services in a cryptocurrency. A Solution by MoBee We are focused on a mobile service which is in demand with each person on a routine basis. Unlike under the traditional operation scheme, traffic for the virtual operator will initially be supplied by the NetWorx platform which will host a huge market (more than USD 65 bn annually, as the estimates of information analysis agencies suggest) servicing the mobile operators’ infrastructure. Another major distinction will lie in the fact that the MoBee operator will accommodate the differences between the mobile and the bank accounts of the subscriber. With the financial services introduced for our subscribers, they will be able to make purchases, get cashback, deposit their money, obtain credits using the MBE token. The virtual operator will create comfortable conditions for the use of mobile services. The subscribers will be given the opportunity to configure their own suitable service packages, define the access to application groups. The pricing strategy suggests an attractive cost of services which will, inter alia, be achieved through partner agreements to be concluded with different networks (retail, entertainment business, hotel, logistics). By Solving the Existing Problems We Want to: create a next-generation operator which will offer a combination of traditional mobile services and financial services provided to subscribers; make it simple to use the cryptocurrency and expand the cohort of our ecosystem users beyond modern cryptocommunity; boost the number of potential cryptocurrency users to several billion people; enable an easy switch of mobile subscribers to cryptocurrency payments; make the cryptocurrency increasingly backed by real telecommunications services which are in demand on a routine basis; create a specific platform to aggregate the freelance expert and the telecoms outsourcing markets. How Will the MoBee Ecosystem Work? The MoBee project will for the first time ever enable the subscribers to use the cryptocurrency to obtain mobile services. The creation of a virtual operator is based on three components only: the MBE token, the NetWorx platform and DiStream moneybox. This effectively unique and simple solution has been developed to meet the common interests of subscribers, mobile operators and our team. The MoBee Token (MBE) The MoBee token is a major component of the MoBee ecosystem and is intended for all types of operations. This makes it a key factor of the MoBee ecosystem economy. We offer a token backed by mobile communications resources, such as data transfer megabytes and conversation minutes. The MBE token will be converted into other cryptocurrencies, exchanged for mobile services, used for making purchases from partner networks.

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