Unlock the Power of Blockchain

Linum Labs is incredibly proud to have had such talented, creative and enthusiastic participants attend our Unlock The Block 2018 hackathon.

During the 10-days of hackathon, hosted by Linum Labs and The African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management (AIFMRM), participants worked hard on developing blockchain applications in minimum time.

Leading up to the 72 hours of live hackathon, participants took part in a 5-day digital bootcamp where they deep dived into the decentralised, digital world of blockchain and Ethereum.

Participants showed their impressive skills by creating blockchain applications in limited time — with each participant bringing a unique and powerful element to the competition.

Unlock The Block participants hard at work.

Linum Labs Blockchain Symposium

The Symposium marked the end of Linum Labs’ 10-Day Hackathon, sponsored by the University of Cape Town, ABSA, Rise Cape Town, Status, ConsenSys, RMB The Foundry, Old Mutual, Microsoft and Pick n Pay.

The half-day conference comprised of a variety of speakers with extensive experience in the industry. Keynote speakers included Monica Singer from ConsenSys, Lohan Spies from IXO Foundation, James Kilroe from Newtown Partners, Professor G-J van Rooyen from Custos Media, Niel de la Rouviere, Andrew Tudhope from Linum Labs, Julien Eluard from Status, Simon de la Rouviere and Paul Kohlhaas from uPort.

Unlock The Block Results

After coming to the end of an exhilarating blockchain hackathon event, we are extremely proud of all the teams who took part in Unlock The Block 2018. The top four teams, announced at our Blockchain Symposium on 1 February 2018, are as follows:

A special prize for innovation was awarded to team EWAN from Berlin, who built a curation market application.

The second place prize, awarded to team Sudo Tesla, included a month at Absa’s Rise facilities at the Woodstock Exchange in order to further develop their project. The project aims to provide an alternative means to manage water resources in a crisis by representing water as tokens.

The overall first prize of R100,000 was split between two teams: the first being BlockPoll by Team WhenMoon?, who built a blockchain voting system facilitating better governance in companies, as well as transparency and security in elections.

The other winning team was Proof of Steak by Yuna, which is a solution that allows farmers to use livestock as collateral in order to secure alternative means of finance. The team described this as a “uniquely African” and “contextual approach” which would “allow anyone in the world to invest in your cow”. Farmers register their cattle on the blockchain, which functions as an immutable ledger, and investors provide funding to the farmer.

Winning Teams, Yuna and WhenMoon?, on stage with Linum Labs and gold sponsor representatives from Absa and Status.

Unlock The Block Statistics

  • Meals consumed at Rise = 1840
  • Number of coffee runs = Plenty!
  • Number of Red Bulls = 190
  • Event hours completed = 134
  • Lines of code written = 50 000

At Linum Labs, we believe in developing and unleashing the full potential of blockchain technology.

We believe that sharing knowledge and creating a free space, open to debate, is the platform on which the community can share their thoughts, advice and ideas as valued members of the Ethereum community.

The Linum Labs team is extremely thankful to all those who were involved and participated in Unlock The Block 2018. We cannot wait for next year’s blockchain hackathon — watch this space!

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