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When something goes well it really flies, in the case of the Status “We of Web3” writing competition that puppy soared!

A total of 25 qualified submissions were considered with 5 coming from the Giveth community and we couldn’t be prouder of our contributors Alexandra, Alon, Lanski, Oz, and Yalor. As the contest just ended and the winners were announced we are proud to say we made it into the top 3 with Yalor’s Giveth Galaxy post, Hooray Hurrah!

All in all the creativity and visionary thinking that came from these submissions is more than noteworthy, so here are some juicy snippets in order of appearance:

Yalor: “We” of Giveth Galaxy

“As the revolution of Web 3.0 sweeps the galaxy it is important to know where you stand and what you stand for. In the Giveth Galaxy we stand for transparency, each day we choose to build a future that supports the next generation of Givers. We are building a platform that allows for the decentralization of inefficient power structures and promotes the DAO-ification of society.”
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Alexandra: How the Next Generation Will Save the World

“The next generation are idealists. They don’t know why the world is so messed up, but it’s probably because the older generations sucked.

Nevermind that, they’re here now.”
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Oz: “We” as in Wealth

“Hate to burst your dream cloud, but this is not a story of toppling giants or overthrowing kings. The farmer’s market did not destroy the grocery store. Not yet that is. This is a tale of transcendence. Web3 is the journey of us within you. So let me ask, do you trust us?”
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Alon: Blockchain Life

”I decide to stop the simulation and my day really starts. My ALARM wakes me up and I take a few minutes writing down what went wrong so I can try again tomorrow. This simulation cost me 5 DAYS. Five days less to live but it will hopefully be worth it once I have a happy life.”
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Pol: What is The Future of Blockchain?

“So the We of Web3 have a lot do. A lot to dream. We are believers in open source, in decentralization, in being empowered, in creating a better world, in free choice, in helping each other, in trusting each other, in rewarding fairly. The We of Web3 are building the future on ethereum, on the blockchain, and it’s a promising future.”
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Thinking Better and Bigger 🤔💭💡

It’s no surprise that we’ve got a bunch of deep thinkers in this community, but it is wonderful to see all the dreamers who have such fantastic visions of the future.

We commend Status for such an excellent job of rallying the community around this writing competition, as they also do with their open bounty project.

The Bounty Based Collaboration project is another decentralized initiative where developers can come to get rewarded for contributing code, organizations can come to find talented developers based on code quality not the subjective hiring process. It’s even a place where ideas can come to life, through the open bounty system anyone can pitch/request funding for a project that benefits the community.

In short these guys know decentralization.

We love to emulate our friends in the space and constantly strive to encourage more of this content creation and community discourse. The way that we have organized our circles follow the principles of holacracywhich allows for constant experimentation and exploration, so far the four circles we have are:

Please come and say hello, as we encourage anyone from anywhere to find us on Slack or Riot to get started.

The benefits: learn how a DAO functions in the real world, contribute to the future of giving and of course the RewardDAO (Yes, real ETH)

As one of our contributors Cle0 so eloquently put it:

If you want to find out how the Reward DAO works and how you can start earning points read How RewardDAO Works (aka What Are Points??) In the meantime we’ve got so many ways for you to contribute from coding to copy writing, so join us today and find your place in the Giveth Galaxy.


Join our community: by tackling interesting problems like this one you can help us positively impact charitable giving forever!

Help us Build the Future of Giving: 🤲🏼 Donate directly 🤲🏼 or buy a Ledger with our affiliate link ⏎

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