Mossland: the evolution of virtual gaming

Mossland is an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game centered around famous landmarks, real-estate and the surreal, beautiful changes you can apply to buildings in a virtual world. A player can identify real properties anywhere on the globe and add them into our virtual universe so that everyone has a chance to obtain them. Virtual objects in the game can be sold and traded for cryptocurrency, so users have the motivation to spend time and effort on raising the value of their real estate. Mossland is based on blockchain cryptocurrency, so it is somewhat similar to the real-life property market in terms of profit. However, this is a completely new system in gaming, where people can interact, show their creativity and intelligence in unique ways.

Mossland itself, as a virtual world and a platform is outstanding and impressive in many ways. First and foremost, you can own a landmark that represents historical value, fame and beauty: it can be the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge or any other famous place around the globe. Having bought a property, you can add colorful AR objects to increase the number of visitors or simply to make the property more fun and attractive. Mossland also provides the possibility of location-based advertisement: your architectural object or building becomes a popular ad spot for making money. And unlike the physical world, you have less limitations and more space for creativity. In our universe, players can become professional landlords, trade property to build an empire, acquire Moss Coin and cash out for real money.

The platform uses GPS technology: users will be able to compete to acquire virtual property buildings and shops in their immediate vicinity. These “check-in games” will be exciting races to see who can get the coolest landmarks first. General smartphone performance has significantly increased in recent years, so by combining location-based technology with AR/VR, we can create a completely new and unique mobile service experience. Ultimately, Mossland is the next step in the evolution of gaming: it is a deep system, driven by human interaction in a beautiful virtual world, where people can use their mind, imagination and inventiveness to buy, change and trade anything from their own house (in its virtual version, of course) to something as prominent as the Louvre or the Colosseum.

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