News Alert: The Talent Coin is Here


Talenthon will shape up the recruitment industry using their cryptocurrency, the Talent -Coin (TCOIN.) It is set to be the next biggest cryptocurrency that will do extremely well on the public exchanges.

Talenthon have built a working prototype, state of the art ecosystem that technically evaluates candidate’s skills, validates their CVs and references, all powered by their cryptocurrency, the talent -coin, using blockchain and gamification technology.

Their platform is a new and innovative way to help employers find genuine talent . Using blockchain technology would help create a trusted based community for both employers and jobseekers that use their platform. Unlike conventional job-boards, Talenthon would be the first UK recruitment platform that will allow their users to create a blockchain based record of their education, skill testing, and references that cannot be falsified. It would even enhance fraud prevention as well as reducing the clutter from fake CVs. While through an invited network, employers would be able to gain access to potential data of people who match their criteria to fulfill their job role. It would potentially aid employers’, and recruitment agencies alike, with the proficiency to hire talented candidates that has a genuine profile. Employers would be able to use Talenthon’s data to match individuals to roles much more precisely and efficiently.

The TCOIN is more than a cryptocurrency, candidates who participate in Talenthon’s platform would be able to earn their cryptocurrency just by creating a blockchain based profile, uploading their references and taking assessments based on their profile skills. That’s not all, candidates could use their earned TCOINS to buy extra technical assessment sessions on Talenthon platform, training and other career development options to increase their overall profile score to beat their competition. They also have the choice to sell their tokens on the public exchanges.

With this new way of employing through having a blockchain based profile could give multiple revenue streams to Talenthon, which could help Talenthon’s cryptocurrency, the TCOIN, quickly gain in value on the public exchange.

ICO Token information and vesting schedules:

Talenthon’s Pre-Token sale starts on the 15th March and ends the 15th June (12 week campaign)

Phase 1 — Early-ICO Token Sale Discount Rate, for Early believers

ICO token sale to early believers who want to join Talenthon at this stage. They are offering a fantastic 70% discount (0.30 cents) without any vesting period schedule. Discounts during the rest of their Talent Coin Sale phases will be a lot less and be tired to a vesting schedule.

Phase 2 — Pre-ICO Token Sale Discount Levels

Their baseline token price for their UK, Pre-ICO Sale is 0.50 cents per token. Their discount for the vesting periods are as follows:

Ø 15% discount for 1-year vesting

Ø 30% discount for 2-year vesting

Ø 40% discount for 3-year vesting

Phase 3 — Public ICO Sale Discounts

The Baseline token price for their public ICO sale stage is $1 per token.

Discount is as follows:

Ø 0% discount for six months vesting

Ø 7.5% discount for 1-year vesting

Ø 15% discount for 2-year vesting

Ø 20% discount for 3-year vesting

Our Private token Sale has started. To reserve your TCOINS please visit Talenthon’s web-page. today to get your 70% discount.

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