Rublix: Merging Modern Day Finance with Blockchain Technology

We live in a world where we still have so many systems that are run on trust. As a member of the general population, you are trusting that the bank will keep your money safe, and the people you pay to invest your money have your best interest in mind. We trust financial organizations to make objective decisions and abide by record keeping protocols.

While most do live up to ethical expectations, many don’t.

Your money is at risk. Daily, there are billions of dollars flowing through capital markets, and no matter which way you turn, there are groups strategically flooding these markets with fake news, pump and dump schemes and other unscrupulous tactics.


How long will you stand to be exploited?

The spread of fraudulent information is accelerated through the exploitation of social media sites and SOE-rigged black hat techniques — all to prey on inexperienced investors.

This issue has left investors and companies alike (ourselves included!) saying there has to be a better way.

Welcome to Rublix

Our mission is to help you invest, trade and profit with trustworthy information and powerful trading tools using blockchain technology. All of our tools and applications are created with you in mind, and will help traders of all levels improve their skills, confidence and profitability.

Why blockchain?

  • Dependability- Blockchain has a stable protocol and has begun to pick up traction with large industry players as a reliable technology.
  • Transparency — This technology includes a fully auditable and accurate ledger of transactions.
  • Permanence — Blockchain isn’t going anywhere. Every transaction record is stored across countless numbers of computers.


Our premier tool, Hedge, is an ecosystem powered by smart contracts and coin rewards where newcomers to the trading industry can learn from more sophisticated traders with blockchain-verified track records.

Who better to learn from than someone who has a vested interest in your success?

In other words, we don’t just provide you with a platform and expect you to sink or swim, we provide you with a comprehensive experience that will have a direct impact on your trading reality. The primary features of Hedge include:

  • A contemporary community for traders. Just like Reddit and Facebook, Hedge allows community members to interact with each other, post trading information (known as a ‘blueprints’) and network.
  • Incentivized creative content. Contributors are rewarded for their high-quality content from their followers. Whether it be short term predictions or long term investment strategies, you’ll have an engaged audience.
  • Direct audience participation. As an investor, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders who will teach you how to successfully navigate the crypto space. Receive good info? Tip your experts with RBLX coins to insure the most esteemed information continues to be shared!

Let’s break down the process

The executed smart contract will affect the trader’s reputation, ranking and RBLX earnings. RBLX is only awarded from the audience to the trader upon making a correct Blueprint, otherwise the RBLX tokens are returned to the audience.

This means that audience members will only “pay” for trader recommendations with RBLX if their Blueprint is “true,” otherwise the smart contract will execute a “false” outcome and return the RBLX to the audience member.

Hedge is the first application in our suite of under-friendly tools.

Want to keep tabs on our progress and latest announcements? Visit our site or subscribe to our newsletter.

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