The Token Sale Jackpot is here!

We kept the best thing for grand finale!

The MOG ICO is slowly entering its final weeks of Token Sale, with the sale ending on March 31. MOG is already a fully established and operational gambling business so we have had a considerable feedback from our players which invest in fiat. Believing that our Token Sale is a wonderful opportunity for crypto investors we have decided to spice things up and create a campaign exclusively for crypto investors. Our Ether investors will have an opportunity to participate in prize draws which will offer excellent rewards!

Prize Draw

Every day during this week we will have a prize draw between the purchases made with Ether. One winner will each day receive 1 000 tokens (ICO value equal to 500 EURO)! On top of these prizes, at the end of this week, one of our lucky 7 winners will receive an additional bonus of 10 000 tokens!

How to get your ticket?

To get your free ticket simply make a purchase of at least 100 tokens (€50 / $60) with Ether. The next morning we will do a draw and pick one winner. Your purchase generates a ticket for the day of your purchase. You can also enter the competition more than one time; all you need to do is make more than one purchase!

How to enter a prize draw?

To enter simply register on our webpage and add your Ether address to your profile, then submit your order and payment. The day ends 24:00 CET (European Time).

Why shouldn’t you miss this opportunity?

The odds to win are amazing! Most of our Token Sale is taking place in fiat so this is one competition you can truly use to win. If you win daily prize draws you are in favorable position to win 10 000 tokens (5 000 euro). Odds of this happening would be an incredible 1/7! Use the Ether scanner to pick your best timing to buy. You will get our address when you submit your investment.

Participate in MOG’s community

MOG takes pride in its connection with investors and all people interested in reshaping online gambling industry. Feel free to post all your concerns and questions about the project, our dedicated team will be glad to respond!

You can buy tokens, find out more about the project and join our Telegram chat at the following links:



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