What is Ivyn?

Ivyn Software Suite is a set of products, made up of several software modules, included for free, that provide powerful business tools, capable of creating an extended network of users and services.

Our platform lets parties “e-merge” in the smart economy, offering a crypto payment solution without incurring in any exchange and time delays.

The project involves two main departments: Ivyn Software Suite and Ivyn Mining Farm.

Thanks to mass online advertising, the Ivyn network will increase in a short time generating a large amount of monetary transactions managed by the IvynPay core module and its extended features related with other modules.

Ivyn Mining Farm is a modular and dynamic data center capable of extracting multi-cryptocurrencies.

Our project will allow the farm to evolve in a modular way without size limitations, immediately generating profits from both the sale of cloud with hashrate and the extraction of Ether (ETH).

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