Preparing for the empowr coin

Hello everyone,

I’m happy to announce that today the empowr coin is now live on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can view the smart contract for the coin here:

This is a monumental step for the empowr community, and we’re just getting started.

Soon we will be announcing details on which exchange the empowr coin will be listed on to buy and sell, as well as detailing exactly what you can do to ensure the launch of the coin is as successful as possible.

But first, we wanted to walk each of you through the steps needed so that you can buy/sell/receive the empowr coin, which starts with creating your own Ethereum wallet and then funding it with some Ether in order to make transactions on the blockchain.

Let’s get right into it.

How to create your own Ethereum wallet

To receive empowr coins on the blockchain, you will need to have your own Ethereum wallet first.

There are many options on how to create an Ethereum wallet, but the most straightforward option is My Ether Wallet — which is the Ethereum wallet that we will teach you to setup today.

It’s a pretty simple process and should only take a few minutes. Let’s get right into it:

1. Start the wallet creation process here:

Note: There are many phishing scams around myetherwallet so be careful and bookmark the official link and never forget to check for” MYETHERWALLET LCC [US]” in the address bar with secure https connection.

2. Once you access the link, your screen, for the first time, will look like this:

3. Enter a password that you want to keep for the wallet and click on ‘Create New Wallet’. (Note: This password encrypts your private key. You will need your password + your private key to access your wallet in the future.)

4. Once you click on ‘Create New Wallet’, you will be instructed to download your ‘Keystore File’.

5. After reading the instructions, click ‘Download Keystore File’. Once done with that, the ‘Continue’ option will be enabled.

6. The UTC file you see in the above image needs to be saved and secured. Do not change the name or content of the file in any case. Save the file to an offline hard drive or a pen drive which you don’t take online to ensure your file is as secure as possible.

7. Click on ‘I understand. Continue‘ to see your private key.

8. Click on ‘Save Your Address’ in #7 to return to this screen:

9. And that’s it! You have successfully created your own Ethereum wallet

Once your Ethereum wallet is set up, you’ll want to add your public wallet address to your empowr account so that we know where to send your coins when you transfer out and/or take part in the airdrop and other promotions that we are planning to offer during the launch of the new coin.

Note: Notice in the above that I said “PUBLIC” wallet address. NEVER, EVER give your private key to anyone. empowr will NEVER ask for it. If you think empowr is asking for your private key, you’re probably being scammed by a site that’s trying to fool you into thinking they are empowr, and are trying to steal your money.

To add your public key to your empowr account, simply visit your empowr “Account settings”, click on “Edit account info” and then fill in your public wallet address.

Be sure to add your current password and click “Save” at the bottom of your account settings in order to ensure your wallet is successfully saved to your account.

So what’s next?

You can add some Ether to your Ethereum wallet.

There are a variety of options online for you to purchase Ether, but there may be some restrictions on where you can buy it based on your geographical location. Here is a comprehensive list of Ether purchasing options broken down by country:

If you are aware of other options to purchase in your local area, please post those in the comments below so that others can also be aware of them.

More details on which exchange the empowr coin will be sold on will be coming in the next few days. Please be sure to sign up for all of our social channels for real time information on all things empowr:

Discord App:

Lastly, if you have any questions on the above information, be sure to tune into our next live stream tomorrow (April 6) at 8am PST (3pm UTC) at

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