SHIELD integrated in LINE the WhatsApp of Japan

Today the Japanese SHIELD community announced tremendous news causing the Shield $XSH price to rise over 100%. The Japanese Shield community released a Shield LINE wallet which is phase 1 of their LINE project consisting of 2 phases. Phase 2 will start its countdown somewhere next week.

So what is LINE?

In January 2018, based on the number of monthly active users. As of that month, 203 million worldwide users were accessing the LINE messenger app on a monthly basis. LINE is the Whatsapp of Japan however it has more similarities to Wechat such as payment features. In Japan LINE services 50.2 million users and by the end of 2021, that figure will reach 58.5 million. The instant messaging service is the largest chat app in Japan, with 92,8% of the country’s mobile phone messaging app users regularly accessing the platform this year. Line was created in 2011 in response to the Thoku earthquake in Japan that took down more traditional means of communication for extended periods of time. It is created by NHN Japan a subsidiary of South Korean internet company Naver. Initial adoption in Japan was quick, and growth has been steady since. Furthermore Line has announced earlier this year to start to implement cryptocurrencies and even better expanding their financial service with providing a cryptocurrency exchange to their userbase.

The Wallet

The official website of the LINE wallet project is and is still only available in Japanese although Shield Japan has announced to release an English version soon. So I released my martial teppanyaki translation arts on it and I think that I have an oshibori for you. The wallet is currently working and it looks adorable as Shieru-tan seems to be the protagonist. The wallet uses the @LINE account that can be used for business and attracting customers. By becoming friends with this account you can remit and receive users who are not friends while protecting personal information such as LINE’s user name , LINE ID and so on. The wallet is very easy to use and is able to scan QR codes or just works with easy tapping functionality. The registration time is only 10 seconds and remittance fee is free between LINE users. By carrying the Shield LINE wallet on your smartphone, users can experience a stress free virtual currency settlement service. Shield Japan aims to become a payment platform that revolutionizes virtual currency with a secure, easy and convenient payment system. When sending money outside this service the remittance fee is 0.5% / minimum charge is 0.06 XSH. When depositing XSH the service is free of charge. The Shield LINE wallet team consists of 12 members. 5 developers the chief developer is Kento Karakawa and the rest of the team consists of a marketer, strategic planner, designer, blockchain evangelist, pr-manager, crypto market analyst and a scenario writer.

Special thanks to:

Kento Karakawa, Nobuhiro Kumagai, Takeo Saga, Daiki Ajito, Kazumasa Shiaku, Naohisa Hoshikawa, Takayuki Yoshino, Rika, Yuseyuse, Tomcat, Malibu coke, Caipirinha, NullFunction, DarthNoodle, Pyramation, Shioming, Suntokaede, Wintermaples, Arukazi, Hewwobutt, Wayne, Wookie, Thatonebelgianwhalecunt, Shieldbot ;-)and the entire Shield community.

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