StopTheFakes ICO. Pinkertons from Russia

A dramatic story about a fresh scam from Moscow’s “silicon valley” with a whitepaper in Russian, a fake team and an undisguised attempt to cheat the Howey Test. Oh yes, and the mission of the would-be product is to rid the world of piracy and fraud.

Fast and affordable internet has made life easier and more pleasant, but it has shot copyright right in the face. Films, books, music and photos are now available to all in huge quantities for absolutely nothing. Copyright holders hold this enormous power to use in marketing activities, but their profits have come up short due to pirated copies. In a nutshell: if you want to dance, you have to pay the piper.

The creators of StopTheFakes believe they can change the situation. For this purpose, they have invented an analogue of the Pinkerton Agency. Except they won’t be hunting for heads, but counterfeit goods.

Naming and Website

The name is strong and powerful. A bit like FuckThePolice.

The website isn’t the most attractive and special one you’ll see today. It doesn’t catch the eye.

According to ancient marketing tradition, the storytelling begins by identifying a problem. Counterfeiting is terrible. American cinema loses 58 billion dollars a year because of it, while fake pill peddlers flog $200bn worth of products over the same period.

Then the plan calls for glad tidings. Something like “Hey guys, we know how to stop the enemy! Watch our flashy video about the project.”

And while we’re at it, the creators demonstrate finished prototypes for browsers and Android devices. This is commendable and inspires confidence. A convenient scheme shows how everything will work and the road map promises that as early as in June the service will help to record 5,000 copyright violations.

Next, there is the usual: team, advisers, Medium, Github (only the code for the token, not the platform itself) and media publications. Here, we need to give some advice to the people who are responsible for the latter. Be more careful with your articles and don’t make mistakes like this one.

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