Telegram Bot tells you the price

We updated the Telegram Bot so that the Bot is now able to tell you the current price of LNC. The Bot facilitates the CoinMarketCap API so that you will always receive up-to-date data from CoinMarketCap.

Up to now the Bot was able to tell you:

  • Your Balance of LNC
  • Exchanges where LNC is traded
  • LNC Token information like the Total supply
  • Contact information and Social Media links

How it works?

  1. Search for the Blocklancer Bot in Telegram (
Welcome message of the Bot

2. Click the button “Token Price”

3. The Bot tells you the price, volume and marketcap of LNC

Answer of the Bot

Reminder: Please also follow the platform progress on our Webpage!

Progress of the Blocklancer freelancing platform

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