The EO Coin Sale Has Begun

After a long wait the EO pre initial coin sale has officially opened up to the public today after a successful private sale in the first week of April.

Investors who buy the EO Coin on the first day of sale will get a 50% bonus just like buyers of the private pre sale.

A total supply of 1 000 000 000 coins will be issued, 70% of which will go into crowdsale. Once sale is over all unsold coins will be burnt.

Our aim is to equip crypto and fiat investors with a coin which will allow them to manage all investment and trading from one account on a series of platforms without ever needing to go anywhere else.

Through a crypto exchange, wallet, trading platform and news portal we are uniting all aspects of crypto and fiat investments. All platforms will fall under the EO brand allowing users to have one account. Each platform, however, will work individually and does not have to be connected to any other platforms.

The EO Coin will be the fuel for all the platforms and will offer major discounts for its holders. Our ecosystem will include four unique platforms:


We have set up a technical architecture to build a scalable and powerful exchange platform for cryptos. The platform will be designed to withstand the current and growing crypto market without lagging, freezing or going offline. In addition we will ensure superb customer support and the fastest KYC process on the market.


We are creating a brand new e-wallet for crypto and finance transactions. The wallet will be a financial hub for buying, storing, exchanging and selling fiat and cryptos. It will support 20 cryptos and a large number of fiat currencies. Users will be able to buy cryptos directly with fiat and withdraw cryptos into fiat.


We are putting a team together to create a brand new news portal aimed to keep both crypto and online trading communities informed. It will offer market updates, technical analysis and financial tools.

Our existing, successful and award-winning platform will offer token-based accounts with the EO Coin which can be used to trade derivatives on more than 100 assets including currency pairs, commodities, stocks and cryptos.

The journey to change online trading has begun. Join us today.

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