Meet Jai Lissa BunnyToken’s Advisor

The stunning redhead started her journey as a fashion model appearing in many photoshoots and becoming a poster girl with her very own series of famous wallpapers and posters.

Jai took a step into artistic nude photography where she made her mark with uniquely photogenic features that set her apart. She is well known for highly sensual and classy erotic movies which have become famous in the industry, like Remote Control, which was voted as the best move for March of 2018 on famous industry website Sex Art.

“Jai is a fresh face and a rising star which a new perspective on the industry which offers BunnyToken interesting insights” our COO Vasilisa Yakubo said “Her ideas, energy and point of view have all been a great contribution and really befitting the project”.

BunnyToken is close to ending pre-initial token sale and starting the final stage of token sale on the 25th of April. We are collaborating with a large number of well known and highly experienced advisors in the industry, who have been vital members of the team. From Alex Eikster to Kira Queen and all the other advisors, our project has been rapidly evolving and the platform development is well on its way.

The adult industry is already embracing BunnyToken as their preferred payment method. Partnerships are stacking up and industry websites are approaching our team on a constant basis. This only proves that the work we have done so far is worth all the long hours and effort we are putting into BunnyToken.

Pre-Initial token sale is still live. You can join the BunnyToken movement today.

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