OpenLaw Development Update (4/19/2018)

Good day, OpenLaw people! Lately, when we’re not thinking about OpenLaw, we’re mulling over Bob’s Burgers. In the words of Louise Belcher, “we’re adrenaline junkies”! That said, the team has been working hard and long over the past week. We’ve also grown by two (details below).

  • Conversion. We’re working on a way to convert HTML documents into a markdown converter so we more easily mass upload and markup agreements using Core.
  • User On-boarding. Buckle up! We’ve improved the way users are on-boarded onto OpenLaw, which includes the login flow.
  • Contract Visibility. When using our contract management feature, we now give users the ability to see and keep track of which counterparties have signed or still need to sign an agreement.
  • Real Estate Demo. Burning down the house! Just kidding, tokenizing it though… Our writeup on this should be published Monday.
  • Identity. We’ve improved our testing for a new identity approach with contract execution.
  • Tax Law Demo. It was tax day this week (at least in the U.S.), how timely! We’re working on putting together a tax wage withholding demo soon.
  • Stripe Integration. We’re still working to develop tools to integrate Stripe payments into OpenLaw.
  • Bug Fixes. See ya buggos. We’re still working through some kinks before our public release. The team has made fixes to our deployment feature.
  • Issue Tracker. We’ve given our community members the ability to track any issues on our testnet. If you come across any issues, please report them here.
  • Uploading Agreements. Can’t stop, won’t stop. We’ve still been uploading new agreement templates to OpenLaw. If you’d like to help us with this process, contact us at

Moving Forward

As mentioned, our team continues to grow. We are thrilled to welcome Matthew Rothenberg and Felipe Forbeck!

Matthew Rothenberg (mroth) — Vice President of Engineering

Matthew Rothenberg is a believer in the potential of distributed teams and remote work to reinvent the workplace. He previously served in leadership roles at Flickr, Bitly, Khan Academy and as an advisor to early-stage startups. His graduate work was at New York University and UC Berkeley.

Felipe Forbeck — Full Stack Developer

Felipe Forbeck has been developing back-end services since 2009 in several domains such as real-time bidding, web crawling, social media archiving, e-commerce and life and health insurance. He is a generalist with experience in Java and its open source ecosystem. Felipe is focused on developing scalable solutions with good design principles, clean and well tested code.

Pumped to have you two on board. We still need your help sourcing talent for OpenLaw! We are still currently in search for the following:

Stay enlightened by subscribing to our Medium page for updates and more. If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch with our team:

Join us!

— The OpenLaw Team

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