Proxy & the future with eBitcoin

During the last few weeks, the eBitcoin council has been making choices that the Proxy Team has found concerning. Not only for us, but our community and investors. As many of you have seen, there has been a fair amount of drama that has stemmed from multiple events. These include the split between the team and Telegram rooms, the lack of answers behind the Kucoin airdrop (for which they have blamed our team for), and the banning of many members who have had logical questions. There have also been multiple instances of broken promises and agreements between eBitcoin and our own team. We attempted to voice our concerns and correct course but their response has been increasingly negative. As of 10:30PM GMT on April 18th, the Proxy Team has been banned from the eBTC Official Telegram room, along with supporting Team Member only Telegram rooms. It is with great sadness that we will be announcing the end of our partnership with the eBitcoin Foundation. We will continue supporting eBTC within the app, but removing the multi-send function. We invite all of the community to continue supporting Proxy, as we have a working product available for Android and (as of today) iOS. We wish all the best to the holders and community members of eBitcoin, and believe that with the right leadership and choices it could amount to something substantial. We remain committed to doing our absolute best, building a kickass product, and connecting with the needs of our community. Make sure you’re following our Twitter & Telegram for up to date information and to stay connected with the project you’ve helped build. Again, we thank you for the support and look forward to the amazing future we’ve created together.

Jay Noe & the Proxy Team

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