Why the split from Proxy?

We did not talk bad about the Proxy team nor will we. At the outset after their ICO, we connected with them and thought they would fit perfectly into our ecosystem; they would provide a wallet. They helped us with this so we helped them — with marketing, promotion, etc. Over the last few weeks, questions were raised regarding security of the wallet, but sincerely none of their devs acknowledged those concerns. We’re not saying they were security issues, but rather questions regarding security. The communication was unfortunately somehow one-sided. Thereafter, we had realized that we had been recommending a wallet to our community of which we have no insights. Several attempts to have a conference call sincerely failed.

At this point, our Team agreed to go separate ways, and to end the partnership civilly, since we did not want to confuse our holders or damage either team’s reputation in any way. Well, it turns out that the separation was not executed with the best intentions by Proxy. We are really sorry for this and apologize for all the confusion.

Anyhow, we do try to see the good things. We have now woken up, and will make our own wallet which we can ensure everything is secured and we have control, since we have the responsibility toward you, our investors. We’ve hired a professional Team for this as well we have professionals in our core team who are setting up a secure server infrastructure that will be needed.

Due to all dramas, we are no longer willing to spend our time, money and ideas as volunteers, nor get offended or treated poorly by some people, for whom we contributed. Besides the fact that we’re tired of being called “scam”, “copycat”, and have even been rejected from top exchanges on the basis that we seem to be ‘stealing’ Bitcoin’s name.

This is why we, the core team that built up all in the last five months, are departing from the eBitcoin Foundation and letting the old guys go with eBTC and the “community-driven” idea. Our project has found the need to operate outside the inefficient model of a community token, but we still believe in the decentralized importance of a community in the cryptosphere and therefore are aiming to use this new, more efficient model to help projects and associated communities. We are stepping out to gain the ability to operate a truly supportive service for all under one umbrella that provides the guidance that many lack. It is driving us to be a propeller and validator for projects by connecting services and ideas with the masses while pursuing a peaceful, transparent future.

Rest assured, we will take with us all that we have built since its inception, rebrand, and create a new token, backed with a very strong and sustainable business infrastructure. We’ll have our own wallet, merchant gateway, learning platform, and will be launching even more new services very soon, where we will generate profits. All important details including how the new tokens will be allocated for advisors, marketing/ business/ technical developments,, among the team members, Exchange listings, and those for the public will be shared within the next two weeks.

Many of you have been inquiring daily about why we have been so silent in the last weeks. We have been working hard behind the scenes strategizing on how best to transfer to the new token and feel responsible for all of you who continue to believe in us. We will not disregard and just leave you behind. As such, we are still looking for a way to help you benfit in the future. In order to offer those who wish to follow and support us the best possible benefits as we move on and transition to a business-driven model, we’d like to request your ideas on how we could allow you to easily transition with us and the new token?

This move will also allow us to compensate those with tokens frozen in EtherDelta, which we’ve been wanting to do for so long. For those tokens and other smart contracts, we have allocated the leftover ePRX tokens from the airdrop. Now it’s on you, the Community, to make suggestions.

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